Our mission is simple. Everyone at Hesley Group is here to enable people with complex needs to achieve their full potential.

To do this requires some pretty unique qualities. A wealth of experience and specialist expertise, high-quality therapeutic environments and resources, all in a place that’s safe, stimulating, with positive well-considered risk management where individually tailored support, education and therapies can come together to give each and everyone the skills and confidence they need to be who they want to be.

We treat every person who uses our service as an individual - delivering a culturally sensitive, evolving service that respects everybody’s unique worth. Person-centred planning and therapeutic support both ensure our services keep the people we support at the centre of everything we do.

People we support, their families and those who commission our services rightly expect a very high standard of service. We hold ourselves to account for the quality of our provision and have clear ways to evidence this quality.

As an outcome focused provider we aim to support each person who uses our services to achieve their aspirations, goals and priorities. Individual person-centred support plans allow us to use our wide range of resources most effectively and provide mechanisms for benchmarking, evidencing and reviewing our practice.

From valuing and respecting each other and those we support, our proactive and ethical model of care, to robust policies and procedures and our intention to work closely with all concerned, we place safety as the highest priority